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You like a more traditional portrait style with studio lighting!

You want to do a classic, timeless black & white session to document your next milestone!

You're into natural light, neutral tones and boho props!

As creatives, we understand that everyone has different style preferences when it comes to art. Tracey likes a more dramatic, sharp lighting style, while I live for all things boho and natural light!

When it comes to doing a session with us, one of the questions we will ask you is: Do you have a vision of what your images look like? What colors do you see? What type of light do you envision?

Breaking our session style into these three categories below help us stay on track during a session to keep the images cohesive and deliver you the photos of your dreams!

Take a peak below to see what style you prefer for your next session with us!

Studio lights and more dramatic lighting

classic gallery

the whole session in a timeless black and white

b&w gallery

light, airy, and often boho vibes...

lifestyle gallery