For Mother’s Day, Give The Gift Of Quality Prints

Spring brings us new life, warm weather and a day to celebrate the maternal figures in our life, Mother’s Day. Wether you are celebrating your mother, aunt, grandmother, or just a friend, Tracey and I wanted to create a seamless online print store with print packages or smaller gifts to give the special women in your life.

In this post we are going to explain the difference between a Fine Art Print and a loose print you get at the local drug store and give you a link to a members-only print store where you can use your 20% off code!

First, let’s talk about prints and the difference between a drug store loose print verses a Fine Art print. We’ve all done it..ran to Walgreens frantically around a holiday to get some quick small prints and a cheap frame for mom or Dad. You want to give them a gift that is thoughtful and quick, but doesn’t always pan out.

Your parents absolutely love the photos and frame, but as time goes on, you notice the prints and frame are falling apart. The print itself is warped and changing color, and the frame is broken. Why is this happening?!

This is because the photos were printed on a non mounted, or non light sensitive paper. A Fine Art Print is mounted onto matboard, styrene, masonite or foam board. This makes the print itself sturdy and not susceptible to warping. The paper used for a Fine Art print is also professional grade and light sensitive, meaning the sun will not damage the finish leading to a change in color over time. 

See the difference between a loose print and mounted below-

Our society is fast paced with a focus on instant gratification. Is it easy to go to a local store, spend twenty dollars on prints and a frame on your way to a family gathering? Sure, but do you feel great about what you are gifting? No. In the long run, you will end up spending more time and money by re-printing the same prints elsewhere.

This is why Tracey and I are working on projects that will help serve our clients by removing the stress of printing your images. We know just how packed your schedules are balancing meal prepping, driving your little ones to activities and parties, trying to do any form of self care, and more.

Whether you want to buy a gift for the maternal figure in your life, or for yourself this Mother’s Day, Check out our customized online store just for you. We’ve created packages specifically with you in mind that include multiple mounted prints, and our personal favorite, the Shelf Essentials which includes a custom framed 8×10 print, 5×7 Acrylic Photo Block, and a 4×4 Bamboo Image block.

You can find the online store, by navigating to your online gallery, and then clicking on the Print Store in the top right hand corner.

We hope you loved this post about quality prints and hope you have the Best Mother’s Day!!

Happy Mother’s Day Y’all!


Meghan & Tracey

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