1. Let's paint a picture
of our goal before diving in

The M&T Experience

2. the Consult Call

Your journey with us begins with your Consult Call – it's where the magic happens! We're eager to get the lowdown on your partner, your family and kiddos. What makes each member tick? Who's the go-getter and who's the free spirit? By understanding your family dynamics, we can capture the true essence of their personalities and relationships.

During this consultation, we're here to answer all your burning questions, like:

- Wondering what clothing looks best in photos?
- Curious about the investment you'll be making?
- Pondering the perfect spots in your home for those family portraits?

And hey, if you're wondering whether to include the family pet, the answer is a resounding "yes!" We're ready to dive into all the details to ensure your portrait experience is as unique and tailored as your family is.

3.BEFORE Your Session

4.Your Session!

5. The Ordering Meeting

6. Pick-up or install

7. The Long Term Plan

Meghan & Tracey believe in starting with the finished result in mind. Even before we snap a single photo, we've already thought about how these pictures will fit into your life and where they will live in your home.

Have a specific spot in mind, like that staircase wall or over your couch? Together, we can create a stunning image to hang there! Thinking of starting a family gallery with a mix of old and new portraits? We can make that vision a reality. If you're moving or have limited wall space, consider telling your family's story through a beautifully hand crafted album.

Your unique preferences and questions will shape our personalized Consultation Call – it's all about making your portrait experience as special as your family is!

Once your session is booked on the calendar, the excitement begins! You'll receive our Client Experience Guide, your trusty companion that'll help you pick out the perfect outfits and share tips and tricks to prep for your session. And that's not all – we'll send you a questionnaire to gather all the details, from your artistic ideas to preferred poses and visions.

As the big day approaches, about a week before your session, we'll touch base to confirm outfits and finalize all the details with you. So, when you walk in on the day of, you'll be all set and ready to shine!

If you've ever wrangled the family - or even your partner -  for a photo session, you know it can be a tad hectic. Dad might not be fully on board, and the kids could be post-nap grumpy. No sweat! Meghan & Tracey have been working with couples and kiddos for over a decade! They are pros at navigating all kinds of antics and personalties. Once you've got them dressed and at the studio, we'll take care of the rest.
Just a heads up: Be prepared to have a blast, you might even need some gentle persuasion to wrap up the fun!

About a week after your session, it's time for something exciting – your Ordering Meeting at the studio! This is the special moment when we get together to put the finishing touches on your portrait order. It's essential to pick a time that suits both mom and dad.

Using our cutting-edge software and actual photos of your home's walls, we'll showcase your portraits in scale, eliminating any guesswork about sizes. Not too big, not too small – just perfect!

Rest assured, we'll be right by your side, guiding you through each step, aligning your goals from our initial consultation to bring your family portrait vision to life.

You have the option to pick up your finished artwork from our studio - it will be hand-check, gift wrapped and ready! - or you can have us bring it to you. 

Many of our clients love the convenience of having their portraits delivered and expertly installed in their homes. Around 8-10 weeks after placing your order, you can expect the magic moment when your portraits are seamlessly integrated into your living space. No more 'a little to the left' debates between spouses – we've got it covered!

Let us take care of the heavy lifting and hanging, so you can focus on enjoying your beautifully adorned walls without the need for any micro-managing. Your home, your portraits, and a touch of stress-free elegance!

*Installation offered at our Tier 3 Wall Art Threshold

You're over the moon that your portraits grace your walls with joy, but let's face it, we both know that after your wedding, maternity, newborn and even cake smash session - your family is always on the move, growing and changing. What about next year, and the one after that?

As a valued member of the M&T Family, we're here to help you craft a vision for future sessions, taking into account the evolving ages and stages of your little ones, as well as the design aesthetics of your home. Our pieces aren't just about looking fabulous now; they're designed to seamlessly fit into different spaces as we expand your family art collection over time.

We collaborate with you and your interior designer to make sure it's not just perfect for today but for all the beautiful tomorrows to come.

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